Lords of the Rink

Fantasy Hockey League

1) League Name:

The league shall be known as "The Lords of the Rink"

2) League Composition:

The league shall consist of 16 or fewer franchises.  (Current: 15 teams, 3 divisions). Makeup of the divisions will be decided by standings from the previous year, with accumulated points the 2nd priority. (Thus, the top three winners from Div. 1 will make up the new Div 1, along with the two 2nd place teams with the most points, etc..


Div 1, Div 2, and Div 3 will now be known as the Blaine, Whynott, and Siever divisions respectively.

3)Conditions of Ownership:

a) Each owner has the moral responsibility to act in the best interests of the league.

b) Each owner shall abide by all rules set down in the constitution.

c) An owner may not have financial interest, in full or in part, of more than one franchise.

d) Each owner acknowledges that the league flourishes because its members participate in all facets of the game. This includes (but is not restricted to)

i)maintaining an interest in league affairs

ii)conspicuously attempting to improve the intrinsic value of his franchise

iii)being receptive to other owners’ offers to conduct business

4) Ownership Change

a) An owner may sell his franchise for whatever financial consideration he is able to obtain. Note: It is not the league’s responsibility to sell an owner’s team for him.

b) A new owner will pay any outstanding debt left by the previous owner, unless extenuating circumstances warrant the league absorbing the unpaid debt (see Rule 7 part f)

c) Sale or transfer of a franchise to a new owner is subject to approval by the Commissioner.

d) Should an owner abandon his team during the NHL season, a new owner will be found to take over his team. Failing this, the league shall operate the team with the Comm. Making those lineup changes necessary to maintain the team’s competitive atmosphere. In this situation, no purchases nor trades can be made.

e) Teams apparently up for sale or being abandoned shall have their rosters frozen.

5) Officers

The league shall appoint a Commissioner whose responsibilities include, but are not limited to: scoring, communication (website), collection and disbursement of fees, and other matters inherent in the day-to-day operation of the league.

The Commissioner can be removed by a 2/3 vote of all owners.

6) Voting / Rule Changes

a) Rule changes can be made at the annual draft meeting or, if circumstances warrant, during the season

b) At other times during the year, and in the instance of an emergency situation only (and as a exception to Rule (a), above), the Comm. May poll all owners to deal with the exceptional situation

c) Rule changes must be passed by a majority vote of owners participating

d) In cases of multiple ownership, each franchise is permitted one vote only.

e) Owners absent from the draft meeting may vote by proxy (via the Comm.) But only on those issues outlined in the published pre-draft agenda.

7) Fees and Payments

a) The league’s financial year runs from the last Tuesday of the NHL season to the same day of the following year

b) the annual Franchise Fee will be $60

c) Trades are $3 per franchises involved, Purchases $3; 

d) Franchise fees are due at the time of the draft. Thereafter, failure to pay Franchise Fees makes the owner’s team subject to sale or closure.

e) Debts unable to be recovered by the sale of a franchise will be considered a league expense and will be deducted from the following season’s income before disbursements are made.

8) Prizes / Awards

a) Prizes / awards shall be made from income after all expenses are deducted

b) Prizes / Awards are (for 15 teams, 3 divisions)

each 1st place team.....18%

each 2nd place team....10%

Administration...........16% ( 8% scorer, 8% lineup adjuster)

9) Protected Players Lists

a) Each owner shall submit a list of six protected players, 2 weeks before draft date. During the 2nd week(only) before draft ,owners can change keepers list only if there is an injury to a player on his list. No trades will be permitted during this time. ..Should an owner fail to submit said list, by 9pm of the date it’s due, the Comm. Will submit the list in his stead.

b) Once an owner has submitted his Protected Players list, and the deadline for doing so has past, he has no further claim on those players he previously owned.

c)  An owner may protect no more than two goaltenders

d) By seasons end, players can only be protected by their position listed on the Yahoo scoring website). However, they may be changed at the draft, if given a different position in the source we're drafting from.


10) Draft

a) Held before the start of each NHL season, date set by Comm.

b) Will consist of enough rounds to bring each owners number of protected players plus number of drafted players to 20

c) Draft order for each round (excepting trades) is the reverse of the order of finish of the teams in their respective divisions. The lower, by points, of the two last place teams will draft first, the other second etc.. Should more than one owner have the same point totals, we will go back week-by-week as far as necessary to break any deadlocks.

d) On his turn, once an owner has announced his selection (one player) he has until the Comm. calls upon the next-in-line owner and that owner makes his pick, to change his selection. Any shortfall will be made up at the end of the current round (using natural draft order)

e) Immediately following the draft, should an owner wish to drop player(s) he owns, he may do so, replacing them with unowned players. This is done using the natural order

f) Players’ rights must be held by a NHL team before they are eligible for ownership by a franchise of our league

11) Rosters

a) Comm. Will set the date starting lineups are due. Should an owner fail to submit a starting lineup by the due date, the Comm. may do so in his stead.

b) From the start of the NHL season until its close, each owner must have a position-eligible player at lw(3), centre(3), rw(3), def(3), goal(2)

c) From the end of the draft until the end of the NHL regular season, an owner may have no more than eight players on his bench, no fewer than five.

d) If an owner has an injured or suspended player in his line-up (def: one who has not played during the previous two weeks due to injury, suspension or other factors which make him unavailable, and by all sources is not expected to play in the coming week), the owner will be contacted by the Comm requesting that the healthy player be used as replacement for the injured one. The owner may refuse, but must then pay a fine of $5 per week / per player for using injured players.

Further, an owner is responsible for keeping healthy players in his starting line-up at all times throughout the NHL season, in accordance with the preceding paragraph.

12) Position Eligibility

a) Each player is eligible for one position only

b) Players’ positions will be determined each year by a creditable source. (Yahoo scoring website - Comm discretion)

c) A player may be protected by his owner ,position that is determined by Yahoo.

13) Roster Moves

a) All roster moves(buys/trades) are due by 8pm. Sunday night. Lineups can be edited until the first game on Monday

b) There is a limit on the number (4) purchases,unlimited trades and unlimited number of lineup moves any owner may make each week

c) If an owner is unable to contact the Comm with his moves, trades, request for purchase, he may legitimize his transactions by giving them to another owner, however that owner must report all business by the deadline.

14) Transactions

A. Trades

a) All trades are made ‘caveat emptor’ (buyer beware)

b) A trade is considered complete when agreed upon by all parties and reported to the Comm.

c) An owner may trade players / draft choices at ALL times throughout the year.  Note: An owner cannot trade draft choices beyond the coming NHL season.

d) "Players-to-be-named-later or "Draft choices-to-be-named-later" are not permitted as part of any trade

e) Trades that appear questionable will first be examined by the Comm for any evidence of collusion or gross indifference (i.e. "Lending", "reckless abandonment", or "renting") If Comm determines this is so, he may void the trade. If requested by at least two owners, the Comm may convene the Trade Review Committee to review a deal. This request for review must be submitted within two days of the date the trade is first published. This Trade Review Committee will be comprised of all owners who wish to make their views known on the trade and their decision by a majority vote will stand.

f) Under ordinary circumstances, where the week runs from Monday thru Sunday, players must be traded and the deal must be reported before 8pm Sunday night in which the player is involved. Players who play in Monday games, and players in games that might start early evening do not effect using that player for the current week.

Note: A different schedule may require Comm. to change the date of the cut-off time for making & reporting deals.This rule will be in effect from the end of the draft to the end of the NHL regular season.

Note: It is recognized that the Comm or TRC at large cannot legislate against stupidity, and further, it is recognized that often have significantly different value depending upon the time of year they are traded

g) No financial or other consideration can be given as part of a trade other than paying for the purchase of a player within the same week

h) In case of multiple owners of a franchise, only one owner need speak for the team for the deal to be valid.

i) The Comm / Scorer may not trade for a player that another owner reveals he plans to drop as part of a pending purchase.

j) Between the dates of January 3 and January 6th inclusive, during any even numbered year, no-trade clauses invoked by players whose surnames begin with the letter "T" are considered null and void.

k)  Trade Deadline- determined by Yahoo


B. Purchases

a) Owners may purchase unowned players at a rate of four(4) per week from the first Saturday before the start of the NHL season until the final Saturday of the NHL season. Purchases will be first come/first served bases

b) A dropped player may be purchased when they are put back to free Agency (FA) not on waivers(W).

c) Players purchased will be first come/first served bases ,up to four(4 per week)

f) Purchased players may not be traded until the following week.

C.  Covid 19 IR

  Covid 19 will mean exactly that C19,not unfit to play or unable to play etc

 Positional players that contract C!9 will  be treated for the first week as the same as any injury.
 The second week you have two(2) options in order
    (a)  Replace with bench player with same position
    (b) If you have  no position player of that C19 player, you may send C19 player to IR spot(there will be 2) and replace from
 waiver wire at no cost,selecting your player after all buying rounds Selections will be made in same order as buying rounds.
 When your player comes off of C19 protocol , you will send IR player to bench and their corresponding waiver pickup  back to
 waivers, the following week
 You can not trade IR players or replacement
 You can not drop replacement player of IR player until IR player returns to roster

15) Scoring

a) Stats are tabulated by Comm and points awarded on a weekly basis (ordinarily Mon thru Sun) from a creditable source (Yahoo scoring website).

b) The scoring week must have at least four days worth of games, otherwise it is added on to    (1)the following week (2) the proceeding week(if no following week).

c) Only the 14 players in an owner’s starting lineup will have their points tabulated and counted.
d) Categories for tabulation and comparison are Line 1, Line 2, Line 3, Defence, Goalies

e) Ranking points are awarded against all teams each week instead of the teams in your division, (scored from 15 points to 1 point, instead of 5 points to 1 point).

f)  Forwards  and  defense have their scoring points counted (goals(1)  assists(1)     ppg(1)ppa(.5)shg(1)sha(.5)hits(.1)blocks(.1),                                                                    Goalies have their wins, (win=2pts, SO=1pt,  saves .02)